Poly-Mud Liquid

Acrylic emulsion

Poly-Mud Liquid is an emulsion of copolymer of acrylamide and sodium acrylate with high molecular mass and average anionic activity. Poly-Mud Liquid improves the rheological properties of drilling fluids, which contributes to efficient outflow of drill cuttings from borehole.

It is delivered in plastic containers of 25 kg.


Acrylic emulsion Poly-Mud Liquid is used in water-base drilling fluids to increase their viscosity, consolidate walls of borehole, encapsulate drill cuttings. It prevents swelling of active clays and drill cutting balling up on tools and drill pipes. The commodity form of the product provides its quick preparation in cold water even.

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance at 20 °С
Liquid of white color
Density, g/cm3
Viscosity of 1% water solution, mPa*с, minimum
pH value 1% water solution

Recommendations to application

Acrylic emulsion Poly-Mud Liquid is used in drilling fluid in concentrations up to 0.5%.

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