HimLube Eco

Lubricant additive for drilling muds

The “HimLube Eco” lubricant additive for drilling muds is a product on the basis of fatty acid esters of vegetable oils. The absence of hydrocarbons in its composition makes it possible to apply HimLube Eco when drilling in the areas of elevated environmental risk: on offshore drilling platforms, in the conditions of pitless drilling, etc. 

The HimLube Eco lubricant for drilling muds is delivered in steel barrels of 200 kg.


The lubricant HimLube Eco is designed for application in drilling muds used for well construction and workovers, with the view to reduce friction coefficient, increase drilling rate, and mitigate the risk of stuck drill pipes.


  • High adsorptive characteristics of HimLube Eco contribute to creating of moisture-repellent layer on the surface of drilling tool, preventing sticking of shale collars formed out of hydrated argillaceous substances; 
  • High dispersion capacity in the water phase of drilling mud with formation of a stable microemulsion; 
  • Elevated emulsifying capacity in the conditions of fresh and saline drilling muds; 
  • Capacity to effectively reduce friction coefficient in the area where drill stem contacts the carbonate, carbonate-and-argillaceous and chemogenic rocks. Elevated lubricating activity in the intervals composed of unstable clay rocks and siltstones; 
  • It is effective as part of composition in the drilling muds designed for initial penetration into low-permeable pay horizons; 
  • It contributes to retention of initial permeability of productive reservoirs.

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Physical and chemical properties

Physical form at 20°C
Viscous liquid of dark brown to black color
Chilling point, °C, not higher
Open cup flash point, °C, not lower
Sudsing ability in a model system, %, not higher than
Reduction of the metal-metal friction coefficient in a model system, under lubricant concentration of 2%, not lower than

Recommendations to application

Optimal concentration of the HimLube Eco lubricant, to achieve the required antifriction effect, is 0.3-1.0% for fresh drilling muds, and 0.5-2% for mineralized and salt-saturated drilling muds, correspondingly. The HimLube Eco additive is compatible with all chemical reagents and substances used for preparation of drilling muds.

In the event of significant drags under high inclination angles, concentration of HimLube Eco in drilling mud can exceed 3% of the volume.

To obtain optimal results, it is recommended to enter the HimLube Eco lubricant in the following number of ways: 

  • Enter it into a fresh drilling mud in concentration of 0.5-1%; 
  • Treat circulating drilling mud with the use of a mud hopper, increasing concentration of the HimLube Eco lubricant not more than 0.5-1% to the drilling mud volume per 1 cycle; 
  • Enter it into drilling pipes directly while performing drill-pipe connections, as well as into the suction of circulating pump, to obtain the maximum of anti-cake effect.

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