HimStab Fe

Iron stabilizer

“HimStab Fe” is designed to control the content of trivalent iron in the acid composition and the products of its treatment. Iron precipitates from the solution in the form of finely dispersed powder (oxides of changeable composition) at the value of pH higher than 3.2 and is capable to considerably decrease reservoir permeability. Besides, the trivalent iron ions can act as effective stabilizer of water-oil emulsions.


It is effective when used in hydrochloric acid of various concentration;

It forms no sediments with brine water and formation fluids;

It prevents formation of spontaneous emulsions;

It prevents the formation of insoluble sediments composed of hydroxides, ferric sulphides, and other products of interaction between the iron ions and the formation fluid components;

It is easy in use, the process of preparation of the process solution consists in adding the “HimStab Fe” stabilizer into hydrochloric acid solution.

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance at 20°С
crystals from colorless to yellow
Bulk density , kg /m 3
0.80 – 1.20

Recommendations to application

The iron stabilizer “HimStab Fe” restores the trivalent ions of iron (Fe3+ ) to its bivalent ions (Fe2+), as a result of which the iron ions do not effect the formation fluid. The stabilizer prevents formation of insoluble sediments and viscous emulsions, with the trivalent iron present, when the acid enters into reaction with rock. Required concentration of the stabilizer is 0.8 to 1.0% (5000 ppm of iron) and 0.5 to 0.7% (2500 ppm of iron). It is obligatory to carry out compatibility testing before its application.

There are 3 basic brands depending on the application temperature.

  • Grade «A», liquid form for formation temperatures up to 90°С;
  • Grade «Б» , liquid form for formation temperatures from 60 to 120°С;
  • Grade «B», dry form for formation temperatures up to 120°С.

Additionally, if necessary, the application of the “HimStab A” activator should be considered in the presence of high temperatures. The product is delivered in dry form, which is very convenient for use.

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