Light-weight additive for cement mortars

AHM-500 is a substance of hollow solid particles of 5 to 500 mkm in size, composed of silicon dioxide and aluminum.

It is delivered in big bags of 500 kg.


AHM-500 is designed to use as an additive for cement, to obtain light-weight plugging material of density ranging from 1.25 to 1.60 g/cm3.

AHM-500 is used to reduce overburden on reservoir, as well as to reduce penetration of fluid into the pay zone of reservoir. The reagent AHM-500 makes it possible to provide the required top of cement slurry, maintaining the required properties of strength and thermal stability of the mortar. The light-weight additive AHM-500 has high resistance to acids and alkalies, as well as it does not affect the chemical properties of cement slurry.

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance at 20°C
Powder of grey to dark grey color
Bulk density, g/cm3, maximum
Humidity, %, maximum
Fractional composition, mkm, maximum

Recommendations to application

The additive AHM-500 is recommended for preparation of cement slurries of concentration up to 1.50 g/cm3. The recommended concentration of AHM-500 ranges from 8 to 14%, depending on the required parameters of cement slurry and other reagents in its composition.

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