WellFix Spacer SB-2

Anti-sedimentation agent

WellFix Spacer SB-2 is a polymer of high molecular weight with a branched structure.

It is delivered in bags of 25 kg, on pallets of 1,000 kg.


WellFix Spacer SB-2 is designed for use in the petroleum and gas industry in the processes of well construction and workover, as an additive preventing sedimentation of solid particles. WellFix Spacer SB-2 creates homogenous structure throughout the total height of cement column. It excludes stractification of cement paste and free water formation. It has excellent rheology properties, increasing the dynamic shear stress value, not affecting the plastic viscosity parameter at that. WellFix Spacer SB-2 positively affects the filtration rate. It is efficient in the fresh water and salt-saturated systems, being compatible with all types of surfactants and detergent compositions. WellFix Spacer SB-2 is recommended for the use in mortars with low densities on the basis of microcement, as well as in the spacer washer fluids, to impart the required rheology characteristics to them. It is indispensable in the processes of cementing the intermediate and production casing, especially in the wells with horizontal completion.

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance at 20°С
Powder of white to light cream color
Mass part of moisture, %, maximum
PH value of 1% water solution
Dynamic viscosity by Brookfield 1% solution in 1% solution of KCL at 25°C, spindle #3, 60 rpm, cPs, minimum

Recommendations to application

WellFix Spacer SB-2 is added to cement mix in dry form. The working concentrations vary within the range of 0.05 to 0.2% of dry cement weight. WellFix Spacer SB-2 2 is used to obtain heavyweight spacer fluids with density up to 2.30 g/cm3. Recommended concentrations are from 0.3 to 0.8%.

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