Auditing cement slurries

The Company is specialized in elaboration, production and engineering support of chemical reagents applied during various oil field development phases.

Working principles
Mobile laboratory
evaluation of cement slurry characteristics right on a field site in real time
Central laboratory
issue of analysis reports
analysis of the parameters and data in the report performed by a technical expert
the report is submitted to the Customer with recommendations to adjust parameters of drilling mud.

Auditing in the process of cementing includes the following:

  • Sampling to determine matching of cement slurries and chemical reagents at fields and field sites of service companies, designed to prepare cement slurries in accordance with с GOST 30515-97, ISO 10426-1, ISO 10426-2.

  • Complete research of characteristics of cement slurries in accordance with norms of ТУ (engineering specifications), GOST (State standard), and ISO.

  • Physical verification of documentation for equipment operated under high pressure, and documentation for cementing reagents.

  • Verification of compliance with the norms and requirements in accordance with HSE.

The accredited laboratory’s testing process includes the following:

  • Performing physical and chemical research of characteristics of cement slurries for compliance with the requirements of normative documentation of GOST, ISO, statement of work, or other project related documentation.
  • Issue of analysis reports with conclusions on existing deviations in cement slurries.

Technical experts’ report:

  • Issue of output from analytics of the quality of cement slurries, buffers, applied cements, chemical reagents and additives, based on monitoring.

  • The analysis of complications arising during well cementing process.

  • Issue of recommendations on selection of formulas of cement slurries, risk assessment.

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Physical infrastructure

We have our own laboratory in Nizhnevartovsk city in accordance with the requirements of GOST 26798.1, GOST 26798.2, GOST 310.2, GOST 310.3, GOST 310.4, ISO 10426-1, ISO 10426-2.

Our own vehicle fleet is available in Nizhnevartovsk city to perform jobs of outdoor audit services, with regard to cement slurries (Samotlorneftegaz JSC).