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The Company History

The whole history of the Company translates into its major principle: search and implementation of new technologies in production and management aimed at development of the Company and the industry as a whole.


An international research and practical conference "Breakthrough technologies in hydrocarbon exploration, development, and production" was held at Saint Petersburg Mining University with the support of Himprom company.  Successful tests of chemical additives of Himprom company and the Volsky Cement Plant were carried out. Himprom became a sponsor of the International Conference of Dry Building Mixtures Producers "BALTIMIX". 


Oilfield chemistry department was opened. New departments of chemistry for water treatment and cleaning, technological aids for the food industry were opened. The direction of chemical additives for paint and finish materials continues to develop, new compositions of chemical additives, biocides were developed. A new composition was developed by RDE Himprom to improve the efficiency of oilfield equipment. New cement mortar filtration reducers were developed.


A new department for sale of general industrial high-voltage cable and wire products was opened. RDE Himprom developed new compositions of chemical reagents for the elimination of inter-column pressures, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers of invert emulsions, sedimentation reagents for the redistribution of filtration flows direction. A new line of chemical additives for the production of paints and varnishes were developed.


With the support of Himprom, LLC, Vladimir Nikolaevich Koshelev's book "Flushing of oil and gas wells" was published. The book is intended for engineers and technicnical workers of drilling enterprises and specialists engaged in the development of drilling fluid systems and well flushing service. RDE Himprom has developed new modifications of solutions based on direct emulsions. Himprom company became a sponsor of the Perm regional public organization "Chess Federation of the Kama region".


A new area of the Company’s activities was developed – chemicals for hydraulic fracturing. New R&D products were elaborated in the research center in Perm - its own product range of HimBreak destructors for effective removal of filter cake from the sides of the boreholes, formulas of the invert emulsion muds, on the basis of NEOINVERT product range, for drilling under complex mining and geological conditions, drilling fluids on the basis of type 1 emulsion, with the use of NEOINVERT K emulsifier, products with complex properties – fluid loss reducing agents WellFix FL and plasticizing agents of cement mixtures WellFix P, which was in line with the market shift towards complex reagents.


The geographical expansion of the drilling fluid audit services. Initial development of the market in Kazakhstan. Opening of the Company’s representative office in Moscow, of a separate subdivision in Nizhnevartovsk. New additional laboratory of incoming test and certification started its work in Perm, the volume of its research work was increased due to enhanced instrument base. A laboratory of drilling fluids and cement slurries was commissioned in Izhevsk. The award of “At the top of your game”, established by the Expert-Urals magazine in cooperation with the audit and consulting network of companies PricewaterhouseCoopers, was received by the Company for its strong growth for several recent years.


Entry into a new market of oil field services – physical and chemical research and the audit of drilling fluids, used for drilling and sidetracking. A new area of activity was commenced - production and sales of additives for dry construction mixtures. Quality management system was introduced, compliant with the norms of ISO 9001 2008 international standard.


Entry of Himprom into the market of the CIS countries. Research and training conference “Drilling fluids and chemical reagents for well construction” was organized, with regional and worldwide producers presenting their latest technology and technical developments for leaders and specialists of the major oil and gas producing companies, service companies, and employees of research institutes. The Company went up to the 24th position in the TOP-300 companies of small business in the Perm region.


Introduction of WellFix FL 2 fluid loss reducing agent for cement slurries, which had no analogs in Russia. Some big contracts were signed. The Company for the first time was listed in the TOP-300 rating of Small and Medium Enterprise in the Perm region, which was highly complementary about the performance of the Company, as well as a serious incentive for its development.


A new business area of the Company’s activity was created – production and sales of chemical reagents for oil well cementing. Development of the cement chemistry product line had place. Plasticizers became the most wanted product.


The Company entered into the market with its Lubrikon lubricant for drilling fluids, which has been remaining a top seller to date.


The Company was gaining speed. The line of products was expanded through conventional chemistry, polyacrylamides, polyanionic cellulose, bio-polymers.


Creation and introduction into the market of a product line of the Inhidol inhibitors for drilling through clay shales.


The first solid contract was signed for delivery of the Glamin bio-polymer. The product portfolio of Himprom was expanding.


The trade mark for Glamin was registered. A new company’s focus area started its timing with the production and sales of the Glamin bio-polymer, namely, the production and sales for the drilling chemistry. Production of Glamin was carried out at our production site in the Perm region.


Deliveries of chemical reagents were carried out. Search for effective markets was performed.


The Company was established.