Auditing drilling fluids and cement slurries


Audit in oil services is an independent testing of physico-chemical parameters of drilling fluids and cement slurries required to enhance the efficiency of well construction and field development carried out by oil service companies, attracting various contractors for corresponding stages of well construction and well operation.


Objectives and outputs

Gathering and processing of the objective, actual and accurate data regarding:
  • The quality of materials used while preparing both drilling fluids and cement slurries;
  • The parameters of drilling fluids and cement slurries;
  • The correctness of methods applied while testing at drilling sites;
  • The operational efficiency of solids control equipment for drilling mud.
The data obtained would enable us:
  • To prevent contingencies at the stage of initially emerging deviations/risks;
  • To improve the quality of services provided by contractors, and, as a result of this, to level down financial risks related to the Customer;
  • To prevent significant losses caused by low-quality services;
  • To decrease Customer’s failure rate in the process of well construction.

Quantity of failures related to drilling fluid
Quantity of audits conducted with regard to drilling fluids
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Advantages of the audit offered by Himprom LLC


The audit service is carried out by qualified employees of the Himprom company with the use of modern equipment matching the standards of RF and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Work with the Customer

The laboratory specialists have the ability to carry out work of preparing standard test solutions, making benchmarking measurements of drilling mud characteristics taken from the Customer’s facilities, as well as carrying out selection and matching of formulas for processing of the water and oil-based drilling fluids, including those with the use of the Customer’s reagents and materials.

Full-range analysis

The laboratory specialists carry out full-range analysis of the water-and oil-based drilling fluids in accordance with the ISO 10414-1 and ISO 10414-2 standards, as well as the analysis of reagents and materials to prepare them in compliance with ISO 13500.


The laboratory for drilling fluids and cement slurries in Nizhnevartovsk and the laboratory for drilling fluids and cement slurries in Nefteyugansk, under management of the audit service for drilling fluids and cement slurries of Himprom LLC, have the international accreditation in accordance with the standards of ISO 13500, ISO 10414:2008, GOST 33213-2014, RD 39-00147001-773-2004.

Vehicle fleet

We have our own vehicle fleet in Nizhnevartovsk, Nefteyugansk, as well as mobile homes for workers living on site.