NeoInvert К

Complex thermostable emulsifier for oil-based mud drilling

NeoINvert K is a composition on the basis of amides and complex ethers of fatty acids of tall oil in organic solvent.

It is delivered in metal barrels of 190 liters.


NeoInvert K is designed to be used in the petroleum and gas industry as emulsifier for inverted emulsion solutions with various content of oil-based mud.

NeoInvert K forms a stable emulsion in broad range of temperatures for various proportions of the water and oil phase.

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance at 20°С
Oily liquid of brown to black color.
Density, g/cm3
Set point, °С, maximum

Recommendations to application

NeoInvert K is used in drilling fluids of the concentration range between 10 and 30 kg/m3, depending on the required properties and content of mud system.

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