Complex alkaline destructor
ТУ 2458-148-14023401-2016

The complex alkaline destructor "HimBreak" consists of the mixture of organic and inorganic substances having high activity in relation to many compounds of various chemical origin. "HimBreak" has some properties of inhibitor of corrosion, preventing destruction of the downhole equipment.


  • perfectly dissolved in water;
  • thermostable to negative values;
  • at low temperatures can pass into more viscous, but free flowing state;
  • highly effective reagent at low consumption.

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Recommendations to application

"HimBreak" within 6-8 hours destroys crosslinking gels and system on the basis of polyacrylamide that allows to use it for restoration of natural reservoir permeability. "HimBreak", getting into pores and cracks of the reservoir, transfers the pollutants to the dissolved state to avoid layer pollution by iron hydroxide and plaster and to destroy the created clay cake. For gels destruction processing at the rate of 1 part of "HimBreak" for 5 parts of the destroyed gel is applied. For removal of salt deposits from the downhole equipment circular pumping of the product is used.

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