WellFix RD

Expansion agent

WellFix RD is an expansion agent for cement mortars on the basis of sulphoaluminates - for low temperatures, as well as on the basis of oxides, with addition of sulphoaluminates – for moderate and high temperatures.

It is delivered in bags of 25 kg or in big bags of 1,000 kg.


WellFix RD is designed for use in the petroleum and gas industry in the processes of well construction and workover, as a processing aid to cement slurries, to obtain expanding cement slurry substance. The additive is featured with the expansion of linear dimensions of cement stone in cement slurry, when it is used for well casing jobs.

Expansion agent WellFix RD makes it possible to obtain expanding cement slurries, preventing the drying and dry shrinkage of cement, it increases the contact density with neighboring mediums. It creates the crystallization pressure in the thickened cement slurry and cement stone.

Depending on formation temperatures, the expansion additives are divided into the following grades:

  • WellFixRD 50 for standard temperatures (10-40°C)
  • WellFixRD 75 for moderate temperatures (30-50°C)
  • WellFixRD 100 for high temperatures (20-130°C)

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance at 20°С
Powder of grey to light brown color
Powder of grey to light brown color
Powder of grey to light brown color
Water content, mass, %, maximum
Bulk density, g/cm3
Granulometric composition (Sieve residue 0.08 mm), %
Maximum 30
Maximum 30
Maximum 30

Recommendations to application

The method of dry mixing is recommended. Depending on the required parameters of cement slurry, a wide range of concentration can be considered for WellFix RD. At that, it is necessary to take into account the factors affecting the quality of cement stone: i.e. formation pressure, well depth, hardening time, specific weight of cement mortar. Ratio of the expansion agent WellFix RD and cement slurry makes up from 5 to 20 % (depending on the above mentioned factors and grade of WellFix RD):

  • WellFix RD 50 – optimal concentration is 5-8%
  • WellFix RD 75 – optimal concentration is 7-10%
  • WellFix RD 100 – optimal concentration is 15-20%

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