Condensed microsilica

Mineral additives
(TU) 20.59.59-280-14023401-2020

Condensed microsilica is an ultrafine material consisting of spherical particles. The main component of the material is silicon dioxide.
Condensed microsilica is supplied in big bags of 500 kg.


Condensed microsilica is used in residential, civil and industrial construction as a highly active mineral additive to concrete and mortar, which increases the resistance of the finished mixture to aggressive environments, industrial factors and natural conditions. Uncompacted microsilica MK-85 is recommended for use in the production of cement mortars and dry building mixtures. Compacted microsilica MKU-85 is recommended to be added to reinforced concrete and concrete mixtures. The introduction of condensed microsilica significantly improves the following characteristics of the finished construction mixture or mortar:
compressive and bending strength – pozzolanic activity of microsilica ensures the transition of unstable soluble calcium hydroxide into a strong crystalline hydrate of calcium silicate, which compacts the structure of concrete and increases its strength;
plasticity – microsilica particles compact and stabilize the mixture, thereby increasing the workability and pumpability of the solution; REAGENTS FOR DRY BUILDING MIXES, CONCRETES AND MORTARS 22 REAGENTS FOR DRY BUILDING MIXES, CONCRETES AND MORTARS
permeability – dust-like size of microsilica particles allows it to fill the voids between coarse-dispersed cement particles, thereby reducing the capillary porosity and permeability of cement stone;
frost resistance – high resistance to low temperatures is a consequence of low permeability and high density of the mixture with the addition of microsilica;
chemical resistance – to sulfates and other aggressive compounds due to the low content of free lime;
corrosion resistance – concrete structures with microsilica content have greater resistance to carbonation and penetration of sea water chlorides, thereby protecting against corrosion;
chemical resistance – the use of microsilica allows to reduce consumption by an
average of 40%.

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Physical and chemical properties

Gray powder
Fine-grained powdery material of gray color
Mass fraction of condensed microsilica in terms of dry product, %, min
Moisture content, %, max
% of Losses on calcination, max
Mass fraction of silicon dioxide (SiO2), %, min
Mass fraction of calcium oxide (CaO), %, max
Bulk density, kg/m3
Over 400

Recommendations to application

The recommended dosage of Condensed microsilica in the finished mixture is 5-10% of the binder weight. The maximum permissible dosage is 30%. In fatty mixtures with a higher content of Condensed microsilica, it is recommended to additionally use WellFix Plasticizer P. The optimal dosage of the additive is determined individually, through laboratory tests, when selecting, we recommend to contact Himprom representatives to choose the right dosage.

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