Liquid breakers

It is a liquid oxidizer on the basis of organic compounds.

Is delivered in bulk containers of 1,000 liter or in barrels of 200 liter.


Liquid breakers of Hydra BREAK-L start working only after they get into the well which guarantees high capacity of penetration into reservoir, as well as guarantees safety of its use at any stage of frac job.

Liquid breakers of Hydra BREAK-L fit to destruction of all types of polysaccharide gels.

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Physical and chemical properties

Hydra BREAK-L1
Hydra BREAK-L2
Appearance at 25°С
Liquid of transparent to yellow color
Liquid of transparent to yellow color
Density at 25°С. gr/cm3
Bulk density at 20 °С. gr/cm3

Recommendations to application

Recommended concentration of liquid breakers of Hydra BREAK-L in fracturing fluid should be from 0.5 to 2.0 l/m3.

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