Hydra GEL Liquid

Liquid gelling agent

It is a suspension of a gelling agent on the basis of modified guar gum in hydrocarbon solvent.

It is delivered in barrels of 200 liter or bulk containers, volume of 1,000 liter.


Liquid gelling agent Hydra GEL Liquid is applied as gelling agent for process fluids of hydraulic fracturing injected into reservoirs. Liquid gelling agent Hydra GEL Liquid is characterized with high sedimentation resistance. Liquid gelling agent Hydra GEL Liquid is easily subjected to biological decomposition, not having any negative impact on reservoir. Solutions of gelling agent Hydra GEL Liquid are featured with high plastic viscosity, can be easily crosslinked with borates.

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance at 20°С
Suspension of light brown to dark brown color. Stratification by 10% of total volume is admissible.
Density, at 20 С, gr/cm3
Viscosity, cPs, maximum
Viscosity of linear gel, cPs, minimum* (in 3 min)
Viscosity of linear gel, cPs, minimum* (in 60 min)

*Viscosity of linear gel is subject to change upon Customer’s request

Recommendations to application

Recommended concentration of liquid gelling agent Hydra GEL Liquid in fracturing fluid amounts to 6-9 l/m3.

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